Student Terminal Access

We now offer full access to your Student Terminal Session from on or off campus
In order to access your Student Terminal Session outside the library or labs you'll need your own laptop or PC. Follow the instructions below to get setup.

For Windows users

(Updated 10-26-2010)

Download the "Student Terminal File for Windows" from the list on the right side of this page.

When prompted, save it to your Desktop.

Double-click on the file to start your connection

The first time you connect, you may see this notice similar to this:

Click the "Don't ask me again" checkbox, then click Connect.

You may see a login box or a "Windows Security" box that has "STUDENTS\" already filled in. Leave this in place and add your username to it. For example, if your username is pdjones66, the field should be "STUDENTS\pdjones66". Use the same password that you would use if you were in one of the labs.

If you see a "Log on to:" field below the username and password, this must be set to "STUDENTS"

If you see a message about the shortcut being invalid, run Windows Update and install all recommended updates to be sure you have the latest Remote Desktop Connection software. The IT office cannot do this for you unless you have a Cumberland-issued laptop.

For Mac users

(Updated 10-14-2010)

Mac users will need to download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, version 2.0.1 or later. You must have OS X 10.4.9 or later. The latest version from Microsoft can be found by clicking here.

After installing, download the file for Mac OS X listed on the right side of this page. We recommend saving it to to your desktop.

Warning for Safari users: The Safari web browser sometimes adds a .xml extension to the end of the file when downloading. Be sure to remove the extension so the file ends in .rdp 

NOTE: Mac users no longer require two files. A single file now handles access for on and off campus.

What you can do when logged in

When logged in from your computer, whether on campus or off, your session operates just as if you were in one of the labs or in the library. You have access to all the same programs and storage. Any work you do that is saved to My Documents or your Desktop will be available to you the next time you log on.

You can also copy files to and from your Student Terminal Session. While logged in, open up My Computer and look under "Other" to find the C: drive of the computer you are using.

Printing- you can print from the session just as if you are in the Labry Hall labs, Nursing campus, or Library, but we advise against this unless you are on campus and near the printer you are using. You cannot print to a printer connected to your laptop or PC.

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